Life-Long Learning
with purpose

INSPIRA – a place for happy, equipped and confident children.

INSPIRA is the 1st Cambridge International-approved school in the Oltenia region

It is a private school, an independent alternative to public education.

As part of the Cambridge Schools Network, we provide relevant, high-quality, child-focused education, literally opening an entire world of possibilities for any child attending it.


Children learn best when they feel safe, loved and understood. This is the foundation of our learning process.


We take learning very seriously. Our Cambridge International curriculum allows us to focus not just on academics but especially on relevant life skills. We push kids out of their comfort zone to learn how to cope with real-life requirements.


We are here for each child, every step of the way. We support them in planning their educational process to reach their own goals in life.

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INSPIRA has been a radical change for us, a whole new way of building the school-teacher-child-parent relationship. Marc has been a lot happier and more caring. His colleagues are also his friends and they work almost entirely in teams. Classes are interesting and interactive, all in English, following an English curriculum. Most importantly, INSPIRA is an international school with students of various nationalities and is well-connected to our world.

I have often wondered how children having teachers like Mr Trandafir must feel and what kind of people they might become once they grow. I will never experience this on my own. But I am amazed at my daughter, who is so happy and excited to go to INSPIRA every morning. I am grateful for all the warm, empathetic, open and curious teachers she has had the chance to meet.

Inspira is the school Clara enjoys going to, the place where she is always curious and eager to see what new experiences she might have.
”Daddy, the time goes by so quickly at school! It feels like we spend only two hours, not eight!”
One day, I was looking for a storybook for Clara to practice her reading in Romanian. But she had already started to read a book in English. We were amazed at how fluently she was reading in English and how easily she had grown into this skill.
We are looking forward to seeing new discoveries Clara might come up with at INSPIRA.