Start your journey with INSPIRA!

Get to know us

We invite you to watch the school’s presentation video and learn more about our educational approach. We find this helps parents better understand our mission at INSPIRA.

Let us know you’re interested.

Fill out the pre-registration form and tell us why you are interested in Inspira.

Meet with us

This is a great opportunity for us to get to know one another. You’ll meet with the School Principal and find out more about our school. Prior to this meeting, you are asked to fill out the complete application form. You’ll get a confirmation email and an appointment date once we’ve reviewed your application.

See you at the interview

This is a face-to-face meeting with you as a family. We assess the students level of English and their readiness to join Inspira. Submit all documents and pay the one-time, non-reimbursable administrative fee.

Welcome to INSPIRA community!

It’s official, you are part of the Inspira community! You sign a contract and pay the tuition fee. This is where our journey starts and your child’s education begins. We’d love for you to take part in INSPIRA’s events and stay connected.