Welcome to INSPIRA

A Cambridge International school offering primary, secondary and advanced education, grades 0 to 12.

Helping children thrive in a global future.

Inspiring Teachers and Caring Staff

Inspira is led by a dynamic team of passionate teachers and highly experienced educators. Although many of us have different backgrounds, we are united by the common desire to mentor the next generations of passionate learners, original thinkers and entrepreneurial minds.


The INSPIRAtional Leader

Founder & Manager

While her kids were still very young, she started dreaming of a creative, child-focused school, that would value practical, coherent, real-life learning.

INSPIRA is the school I have always wanted for my children”, we often hear her say.

Even though her kids have grown, she has never given up on her dream of a high-quality school for other children’s parents who were just like her.

For parents who:
– Dream of a friendly learning environment for their son or daughter
– Want a place where their child can grow according to their natural gifts
– Long for a balanced relationship with their kids instead of the tension generated by an ever-demanding and rigid educational system.

Claudia’s dream has come true. Now, she inspires the team to find new and better ways to cherish, challenge and support the young INSPIRAtors.


Head of Operations
Once you step into our school, you get to meet Adina. With smiling eyes, she meets the children and the grown-ups coming to our school. Adina also provides key information to everyone who needs it and holds everything together in ”the house”.

She enjoys watching the students and being around them on any given occasion. Although she has chosen an operations career over her teaching, her heart keeps beating for kids.

For us, Adina is a fountain of inner strength. Life has not been easy on her, but she dares it, not letting it rob her of the joy of living and spreading kindness around her.


The Big-Hearted Teacher

Academic director, Year 4 Teacher

This is how Tania’s job description title. If you ask her, she is just what she had been dreaming of since childhood: a teacher who loves children and challenges them to become valuable grownups.

Tania ”holds” the entire educational programme in her hands while her heart is big enough to hold every child around her.

She is our creative person, with many ideas to kindle children’s curiosity.

In a world full of prejudice, she only has eyes for how unique kids are. All she dreams of is finding a personalized way to work with them.

If you ask her about what she would change in her generation, you should know she has got her mind set on fighting toxic competition. Tania is a huge promoter of collaboration.


The Kind

Year 1 Teacher
With his warm personality and encouraging spirit, Emi can easily find his way into children’s hearts.

Don’t let appearances mislead you, though. Emi has had years of teaching experience and is keen on doing things well. But he also knows that children’s desire to learn is influenced by how well a teacher understands and empowers them. And this is precisely what he does while teaching.

Also, we admire Emi for his strong determination not to judge others and his heart for social problems.


The Pathfinder

Project Coordinator
Coming all the way from the USA, Kacy has brought a fresh way to see and do things at INSPIRA.

She might seem shy among adults, but she is like fish in the water when surrounded by kids.

We admire her mix of creativity and love for the young generation. Besides preparing children academically, Kacy also cares for their hearts and for how they turn out to be as people. Isn’t this the true spirit of education, after all?


The Magician

German Teacher
If learning German seems difficult to some, Marius throws away all preconceptions. He fascinates kids with his tricks in teaching German. In fact, when he was young, he used to dream about being a Magician, and it seems he holds lots of „aces” in his hands.

Although his role at INSPIRA is to be a German teacher, he has also taken on that of „making people smile”, as he says. We must admit that his humour and encouraging style are his most effective tools for that goal.


The Caring

Cleaning and Child Minder

The purpose of cleaning is not just to have a clean environment, but also to feel joy while being in that place.” (Marie Kondo)

Do you find yourselves wondering why kids at INSPIRA feel joy? The secret is: Ina is in action. She is the person who makes a clean space for the young students and she takes her role very seriously.

And there is something else that makes Ina fit perfectly at INSPIRA: her love for children. We admire her kindness to kids and how she makes them feel secure.


The Visual Thinker
Graphic designer
Everyone calls him Mari. And he is the perfect combination of creativity and pragmatism. Mari is the first to ask hard questions, and he never goes halfway through doing things. Then, magically, he comes up with the most beautiful ways of putting ideas into images.

Among so many dreamers and „social butterflies”, we are glad there is someone to keep us down to earth and express in a visual way whatever crosses our minds.


The Kingdom Treasurer

Finance Manager
You will hardly ever see Sera if you come to INSPIRA. He keeps a low profile but is a master at handling the „kingdom” resources. Thanks to him, we know nothing gets wasted in our school, and everything gets well invested.

And there is one more thing about Sera: he is very good at balancing a cheerful work atmosphere with his integrity and sense of responsibility.


The Word Launcher

Marketing Coordinator, Copywriter

She goes by Oli on the team. And she is determined to prove that, sometimes, a word makes more than 1000 pictures. Words have power, she says. Words can encourage or daunt, reflect beauty or focus on the ugly things.

Nothing is perfect in this world. Not even at INSPIRA. But she keeps tracing the good things, putting into words all the beautiful things we experience here.

And this gives us the courage to do things even better.

Meet the Founder

Claudia’s strongly believes that “every child is uniquely intelligent and gifted. They can all become great and reach full potential with wise guidance, relevant teaching and lots of love.”

Claudia is a learning enthusiast with over 25 years of experience in international education. A graduate of English and French, she also holds an MA in British Cultural Studies from the University of Bucharest, as well as a MA in Communication Studies from McGill University, Canada.

Her work in international programs funded by the EU, Canadian Agency of International Development, UNESCO or the World Bank gives her a wide perspective on education and sets her standards for teaching. Claudia led numerous educational programs in Canada, China, Slovakia, Ireland, US and Great Britain. She has impacted the lives of thousands of students since 2009 as the founder and managing Director of the Fly High Romania in Craiova and as the President of the Close to YOUth Association.

Since 2018, her constant preoccupation to improve Romanian public education brought her on the Board of Directors for the National Coalition for Education.

Meaningful Learning Today for a Fulfilled Tomorrow

At INSPIRA, we pledge to create inspired future generations of passionate, life-long learners, well-rounded, open-minded, engaged and happy graduates.

Give voice and choice to all

All children are curios learners with different intelligences. A successful educational program adapts to all learning styles and offers flexible learning paths.

Inspiring teachers

A passionate teacher ignites the best in every child. Inspira teachers are motivated professionals, fun lovers and dream creators for all children.

Real Life Learning

Life-long learning happens in the world, for the world. As children explore through play and creative thinking, as they design and experiment, valuable life skills are built.

Personal Wellbeing

Just as a plant needs good soil, children need a safe place for growth. Social emotional development, healthy relationships, respect create a thriving environment for learning.


Our school is the place where all children put their talents, knowledge and ideas together to create the world they would like to live in and get ready to face any future challenges.

Experiential learning

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”. Actively solving real world problems, creates an engaging classroom atmosphere and accelerates learning.

Teach by example

Our values guide everything we do, while our culture is modeled on transformative learning.

Service learning

Active learning develops skills. Active learners make communities thrive. The Inspira community regularly comes together to solve local problems and improve everyday life.

A Community of Learners

An active learning community empowers children to become passionate life-long learners. At Inspira, learning is not a lonely journey: parents, staff, students, teachers, all take on enriching learning experiences.

Bonding with like-minded people creates the space for healthy relationships and inspiring life models for all children.

Through open communication, authentic connection and constructive feedback, the Inspira family ensures continuous encouragement while being a space for active citizenship.