A Global Standard for Education

INSPIRA International School follows the Cambridge International curriculum, a standard of education accepted by more than 1400 universities around the world.

Approach to education for life-long learners

“Play is the highest form of research” (Albert Einstein)

Learning is not just about the academics. Learning is about:

the spark of curiosity

the mystery that calls to be discovered

the surprise that incites our engagement

the risk we take in trying new things

the adventure of finding my own path in life

A Complete Educational Program

Inspira uses the Cambridge International Curriculum* as it gives us the certainty of providing:

a complete and effective educational program

academic success and excellent skills development

international recognition for all our students

At INSPIRA, we will adjust the Cambridge curriculum to the needs of Romanian students. More importantly, the program is suitable for learners whose first language is not English and features an optional English as a second language syllabus.

Inspira shapes the curriculum around how students learn offering a wide choice of subjects in flexible ways. Students are inspired to love learning, build new abilities and discover the wider world. University admission tutors from around the world certify that Cambridge programs provide excellent preparation for higher-education.

The curriculum supports the development of 5 learner attributes that make students active learners with the skills they need for life:

CONFIDENT in working with information and ideas

RESPONSIBLE for themselves, responsive and respectful of others

REFLECTIVE as learners, developing the ability to learn

INNOVATIVE, equipped for new and future challenges

ENGAGED intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference

From Primary School to Pre-University


5 to 11 years old*

English (1st and 2nd language)




Cambridge Global Perspectives

Art & Design


Lower Secondary

11 to 14 years old*

English (1st and 2nd language)




Cambridge Global Perspectives

Art & Design


Upper Secondary

14 to 16 years old*

A wide choice of subjects at:

Cambridge IGCSE* (70+)

Cambridge O Level (40+)

Cambridge ICE Certificate


16 to 19 years old*

A wide choice of subjects at:

Cambridge International AS & A Level (55+)

Cambridge Pre-U (24+)

Cambridge AICE Diploma

Cambridge Professional Development for teachers and school leaders

*Age ranges are for guidance only
Primary (0-5)
The goal of this phase is to provide a strong foundation for students at the beginning of their schooling before progressing through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way.

Learners participate in an inspiring environment that helps them discover their interests and talents in a way that makes them passionate about learning. INSPIRA’s Primary program:

Fosters project-based & explorative learning.

Promotes independent & peer learning.

Subjects include:

Mathematics, English, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth and Space), ICT, Music Education, Art and Design, Physical Education, Secondary Language (Spanish or German), Romanian, and others.

Lower Secondary (6-8)
This stage builds on the foundations of primary schooling and overlaps a period of transition and self-discovery. INSPIRA continues to help learners cultivate their passions and strengthen their abilities by emphasizing:

Language and literacy.

Numeracy and statistical literacy.

View of science & the scientific method.

Personal, local and global perspectives on important matters.

Online safety.

Personal affinity to music

Age-appropriate physical activities (including team sports, games, and more).

The goal is to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle, and for learners to acquire the basic skills they need for further study in school and life.

Your Child’s Diploma Will Be Recognized by:

All UK-based higher-education institutions.

Over 650 universities in the US, including all of the Ivy League institutions.

Major institutions in Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, and Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and more.

Nearly 1 million learners across 160 countries attend a Cambridge school. Each and every one of them is part of a worldwide educational network, a community that’s constantly growing and developing.

The Cambridge transnational educational standard has one overarching goal: to equip learners with skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 21st century. By combining local and global perspectives, INSPIRA is uniquely positioned to achieve this.

Learning for
21st Century Skills

INSPIRA prioritizes learners’ wellbeing, independence, and personal needs. Our goal is to hone a set of skills suitable for living in the 21st century.


Children genuinely love learning new things. With us, learning becomes a process of trial and error, not a judgement of failure or success.


Through play and self-expression, we harness our students’ imagination and challenge them to engage with novel educational experiences.


At INSPIRA, children learn that leadership is, first and foremost, the ability to lead oneself and take responsibility for one’s actions.


Our students are able to form meaningful relationships with others while supporting healthy living in an active community.